Advantages of getting an IT certification

Advantages of getting an IT certification

Advantages of getting an IT certification

So why get a certification if you already know how to do your job, and feel confident in your ability to show your skills and sell yourself to employers? Well, there are many reasons to gain certifications, whether you are relatively new to the world of IT and are looking for a job, or are already part of a solidly established career with years of experience behind you. Certifications can show your value and prove to either current or prospective employers that you are up to date with the latest knowledge and that you are willing to keep improving your skills throughout your career.

This can be the difference which secures you an entry-level job, or a big promotion, and can really reassure employers that you a valuable and important member of their company. It also allows you to specifically tailor your job searching to roles which match your certification, and making sure you can focus your best skills in a way which is going to be appreciated and needed greatly by employers, as well as making sure you have maximum job satisfaction and comprehension.

If it’s been a while since you finished university or college, it might be that it’s been a while since you last practiced your less practical skills such as knowledge of exams and tests. Certifications show that you are able to stand out from your professional peers and ensure that your skills are honed and practiced whenever you need them, even if it’s been decades since your last formal education.

Even more importantly, if you are self-taught through years of professional experience as many in the field of IT are nowadays, certifications can be a great day to stand out from the crowd and make sure that all aspects of your knowledge that may not have been covered in your life experience are able to be covered and up to date with modern developments in the field.

In these worrying economic times, many companies are more than willing to pay more for the right people with highly sought after certifications which prove their dedication to the field of IT. Often certifications in areas which are in demand can lead to salaries of $80,000, $90,000 and even upwards of $100,000 per year. Promotions, management opportunities and high-profile client opportunities are often only offered to employees with the right qualifications, and so lack of certifications can sometimes exclude you from opportunities.

Professional certifications can also give you the confidence and assurance you need when working in and managing IT work in a range of different fields. It may be that you are changing careers or beginning a new chapter in your life, and this means catching up on and improving skills that may be new to you in order for you to work to the best of your ability.

A great way to do this is by gaining certifications, especially ones in particularly specific area that a BA or MA may not cover in great detail, such as specific programming languages or Linux networks. This can allow you to be sure that you are as up to date and on task as possible, and confident in your skills and professional persona.

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