Final Grade Calculator

Final Grade Calculator

When you have all the marks that you have got for different subjects, you would come across the need to calculate your final grade. That’s where a final grade calculator can assist you with.

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Final Grade Calculation

To calculate the final grade, only a handful of inputs are needed. They include the marks and the weight that is being provided for each part. However, calculating the final mark out of these two parameters takes some effort. If you have to do it for more than one subject, you will have to invest a lot of time. That’s where a Final grade calculator can come for your assistance.

Before taking a look at the Final grade calculator, it would be a good idea to have a better understanding on how the final grade is being calculated. It can be explained via an example. Imagine that a kid has got 84% to a specific subject in the first quarter. It would make a contribution of 45% to the final grade. In the second quarter, the same student receives 75% for the same subject. The contribution made by the second quarter to final grade is 30%. In the third quarter, the same student gets 90%, but the contribution made to the final grade is 25%.

These details can be used to calculate the final grade that the student would get. Here is the calculation formula for the above mentioned scenario.

(84*0.45)+ (75*0.35) + (90*0.25) =82.8

As per this calculation, it is clear that the final grade of the student is represented by 82.8.

But if the same student has not completed the third quarter exams, only the marks of first two quarters would be taken into account when calculating the final grade.

This formula can also assist a student to figure out the mark that needs to be obtained at the final quarter, before the exams, in order to get a good grade. The student should only be aware of the marks of the first two quarters. Marks just need to be entered to the formula and the student will be able to get a better understanding about the mark that needs to be obtained for the final grade with minimum hassle.

But as you can see, the above mentioned formula is a complicated one and you would not need to use it to calculate your final grade. If you have to calculate the final grade of more than one subject, it would be a headache. Due to this reason, you must use a Final grade calculator.

The Final grade calculator is extremely simple and easy to use. You just need to be aware of few parameters in order to use this calculator and get the best possible results out of it. Therefore, any student will be able to go ahead and use the Final grade calculator to get a better understanding on how the final grade would look like, before the teacher releases it.