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Network Programmability

The Information Technologies (IT) field is a growing monster, and Cisco has been one of the companies that allowed individuals to better tame the beast. But as the beast continues to adapt and improve, so do the individuals attempting to tame it. Though Cisco has been a leader in the IT world for some time, it understands this concept and has made the decision to add additional certifications to its already impressive certification list. One of the new certifications is under the Network Programmability group, and Cisco has added four new specialist certifications.

Business Application Engineer Specialist

According to Cisco’s Learning Network, the first new Network Programmability certification is, as the name suggests, for application engineers that: “…design, develop and build, business applications, who are looking to leverage the programmability capability of the new open network environment.” Attaining this certification will allow the engineers to utilize API capabilities so that they can collect the needed information from the network.

Requirements and Exams: Cisco recommends taking Integrated Business Applications with Network Programmability and passing the necessary exam. Also, they recommend the Integrating Business Applications with Network Programmability for Cisco ACI training.

Network Programmability Developer

The second Network Programmability certification is primarily for software programmers. Cisco says, “This certification and course develop the foundation skills needed to develop network applications in programmable environments such as Cisco’s One Platform Kit (onePK), and Open Daylight Controller (ODL) and Application Policy Infrastructure Controllers (APICs).”

Requirements and Exams: Cisco recommends having the Developing with Cisco Network Programmability training, and the Developing with Cisco Networking Programmability for Cisco ACI training (passing the relevant exams for both) before attempting to gain this certification.

Network Programmability Designer Specialist

Cisco believes this certification is for engineers who have a plethora of architectural and application development experience under their belt. Their website says, “You will learn how to better collect customer requirements and use this information combined with knowledge about the applications to leverage the infrastructure and translate requirements into a recommended open infrastructure.”

Requirements and Exams: For this an individuals has to have some sort of CCNP certification, but Cisco also recommends taking the training entitled Designing with Cisco Network Programmability 600-501 NPIBA, and the Designing with Cisco Network Programmability for Cisco ACI 600-509 NPIBAACI (with the necessary exams).

Network Programmability Engineer Specialist

The fourth and final Network Programmability certification is another one for engineers. “Key skills covered with this certification include implementing and troubleshooting an open network infrastructure designed by the network designers and architects.”


Any engineer or designer in the IT world would benefit from any of the four new, Network Programmability certifications, and all four will add value to an employee and to the employees company.

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