CCIE Routing and Switching Practice Exam 2

Why would you prefer a local Vlan if you compare with end to end Vlan?


You are a IT support engineer in a company. Your task is to design a switching solution for your company. Which of the following statement describe trunking links is incorrect? (Select which applies)


How can you configure inter-Vlan routing between multilayer switches? (Choose which applies)


Which of the following are the features of implementing end to end Vlans? (Choose which applies)


Which of the following protocol allow you to use multiple gateways?


How can you enable globally port-based authentication on a switch?


Which of the following state of HSRP send hello messages? (Choose Three)


What will be the result come out when you enter port-channel load-balance src-dst-ip on an Ether Channel link?


Which of the following is the Cisco compatible extensions program? (Choose which applies)


What is an IP telephony calls?


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