CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 3

CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 3

The default subnet mask of a Class B network is _______________


The router at CLI show the below prompt, what is this mode called


What is the use of IP address used for?


The binary value for decimal 248 is:


You have logged in to Router R1 and from router R1 you telnet to Router R2 (
Router1# telnet
Now you want to go back to Router1, without exiting from router2, which combination will you use?


TCP and UDP operate at the _________________ Layer


Which command will assign a static MAC for an interface on the switch?


If hosts and the DHCP server are NOT in the same network and the server need to assign IP addresses to the clients, which concept or technology can be used?


When OSPF is connected to same broadcast network a __________________ is elected to minimize the number of adjacencies formed and distribute received routing information to and from other routers in the same broadcast network.


Which of these is a Routed Protocol?


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