CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 5

CCENT ICND1 Practice Exam 5

____________________ protocol which helps devices share the bandwidth evenly while preventing two devices from transmitting simultaneously on the same network medium.


____________________ is used on routers to reduce routing table size and save memory. Hint: Gives one address for multiple addresses.


90 is the administrative distance of RIP? True or False


In a WAN connection the _________________ is used to provide clocking to a router.


Traceroute uses TTL time-outs. TTL stands for ____________________________


Which short cut key is used to erase or delete a word in the CLI while editing?


Which of these addresses is not part of the reserved Private IP address?


What is the first valid host Address for the given IP address:


What is the administrative distance of OSPF?


What is the disadvantage of using redundant switches in the network?


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