CCENT ICND1 Practice Test 2

CCENT ICND1 Practice Test 2

Which form of communication is exactly like real conversation where devices can receive and transmit at the same time?


Which of the below is a feature of TCP protocol? (Choose 2)


Cisco recommends 4 steps for troubleshooting (diagnostics steps), which of the below are among those steps?


Data encryption, compression and translation services are functions of which layer?


OSPF uses a data packet called _____________________ which contains link-state and routing information to be shared to other OSPF routers.


We get the below output after issuing the ___________ command
Vlan Mac Address Type Ports
—- ———– ——– —–
1 0006.dccb.d75b DYNAMIC Fa0/1
1 000a.f487.9e60 DYNAMIC Fa0/2
1 000a.f457.9c8b DYNAMIC Fa1/4


The command used to manually encrypt passwords is __________________


The MAC address that is the hardware address burned on the Network Interface Card (NIC) is of length___________


Routing takes place at ______________ Layer of the OSI Model


A non-proprietary protocol used for discovery of neighbor devices and works in multi-vendor networks created by IEEE is ________________________


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