RIP v1, RIP v2 Practice Exam

RIP v1, RIP v2 Practice Exam

In your company you are trying to ping your local router which is running RIPv1, You ping a router and the result comes out is 32/32/32 ms, what does each number means?


You are working as an IT support engineer, you are typing to telnet a router which 20 hops away, is RIPv1 can reach to such hops?


What should be the engineer goal to do to make each route available of the router?


Which version of RIP have optional field for authentication?


You are trying to diagnose individual route which is coming from RIPv2, which command you will use?


You are diagnosing network which is using RIPv2, you are trying to Ping a router which is in LA, how many hop limits does RIPv2 supports?


Your company is currently using RIPv2; they want to introduce EIGRP in company’s network, what is the main disadvantage of RIPv2?


In RIPv1, routing table has


Which protocol does RIP use to exchange data?


You are trouble shooting RIP network, what question should appear in your mind when diagnosing such network?


The metric used by RIP is


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