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Try  20 Free CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Practice Test and Exam Questions  prepared by Certiology .

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1. The set of all devices on a network segment that hear all the broadcasts sent on that segment, is known as


2. What is the default subnet mask for network.node.node.node?


3. Which command should be used for the router configuration in DRAM?


4. EIGRP metric is classified into how many components?


5. Which of the following is the subnet mask for a CIDR value of


6. Which of the following s the chameleon of protocols?


7. Which of the below is the best network connected to the router?


8. Host to host layer protocol are described in terms of


9. Which of the below process does not change?


10. What is the CIDR value for


11. The DoD model is classified into how many layers?


12. What is the value of the destination port number in the segment header?


13. How much subnet mask is created for 1s and 0s?


14. The OSI model is divided into how many layers?


15. Which of the below a classless, enhanced distance-vector protocol?


16. Which of the below is used for redisplaying the line?


17. Which of the following answers our ubiquitous call to email?


18. Which layer segments and reassembles data into a data stream?


19. Which of the following operates at all levels of the OSI model?


20. Which of the below ensures the integrity of a stream of data sent from one machine to the other?