CCNP Route Practice Exam 1

CCNP Route Practice Exam 1

Administrative distance can be modified to a different value. The command used for this is __________


What is the correct sequence of attributes in BGP


The multicast address used in EIGRP is _______________


EIGRP support auto-summarization, True or False ?


For using IPv4 and IPv6, we have some migration techniques. Which if the below is not a valid technique?


The multicast address FF02::10 is used by ___________________


The ________________ table in EIGRP shows all the EIGRP neighbors.


IPv6 is ________________ bit addressing scheme


Which of the below if a valid eigrp command to list all successor and feasible successor routes known to a router?


In OSPF a router that has interfaces connected to atleast two or more different OSPF areas is known as ___________________


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