CCNP Route Practice Exam 3

CCNP Route Practice Exam 3

Which of the below is not a necessary requirement for EIGRP to form neighbors with other EIGRP routers?


The best path to a destination is called __________________ in EIGRP


New Authentication added in RIP for IPv6 is ___________________. Choose two.


EIGRP supports and uses two different values for administrative distance i.e Internal and External. Which of two of the below do not belong to EIGRP ?


The Administrative distance of IS-IS is _________


In the below topology what is the Feasible distance from Router A to the destination network.


To send topology information to neighbors EIGRP uses UPDATE message. These Update messages are sent using the __________________


When using redistribution between different protocols (EIGRP, OSPF, RIP etc), the metric used to inject routes to another routing protocol is called __________________ ( e.g. From RIP to EIGRP, or EIGRP to OSPF etc)


Which of the below are OSPF special Area Types?


Which of the below is not a benefit of Route Summarization?


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