CCNP Route Practice Exam 3

CCNP Route Practice Exam 3

To send topology information to neighbors EIGRP uses UPDATE message. These Update messages are sent using the __________________


Which of the below is not a necessary requirement for EIGRP to form neighbors with other EIGRP routers?


Which of the below is not a benefit of Route Summarization?


EIGRP supports and uses two different values for administrative distance i.e Internal and External. Which of two of the below do not belong to EIGRP ?


The Administrative distance of IS-IS is _________


Which of the below are OSPF special Area Types?


When using redistribution between different protocols (EIGRP, OSPF, RIP etc), the metric used to inject routes to another routing protocol is called __________________ ( e.g. From RIP to EIGRP, or EIGRP to OSPF etc)


In the below topology what is the Feasible distance from Router A to the destination network.


New Authentication added in RIP for IPv6 is ___________________. Choose two.


The best path to a destination is called __________________ in EIGRP


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