CCNP Switch Practice Exam 1

CCNP Switch Practice Exam 1

The value of Max age in STP is __________ seconds.


Which if the following is not an interface state in HSRP?


The proper sequence of criteria for STP to choose a path is :


All Catalyst switch models use a CAM table for Layer 2 switching and as frames arrive onswitch ports, the source MAC addresses are learned and recorded in the CAM table. CAM stands for _________________


Some catalyst switches can also forward frames based on Layers 3 and 4 information containedin packets. This is known as _____________________


command puts a port into Layer 3 mode.


The destination MAC address is used as an index to theCAM table. If the frame contains a Layer 3 packet to be forwarded, the destinationMAC address is that of a Layer 3 port on the switch. In this case, the CAM tableresults are used only to decide that the frame should be processed at Layer 3.” The above statement is associate of which of the below.


In port Security Each interface being used dynamically learns MAC addresses by default and expectsthose addresses to appear on that interface in the future. This is known as


The new cost for STP 100Mbs Link bandwidth is ___________


Interfaces with __________ enabled that come up will go to forwarding mode immediately. It will skip the listening and learning state.


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