CCNP Switch Practice Exam 3

CCNP Switch Practice Exam 3

DTP stands for _______________________


Which of the below are protocols related to Etherchannel? Choose two.


The statement “ It can create and delete VLANs that are local to itself and the VLAN changes are not propagated to another switch” is relevant to  _____________


All the ports in ________________ VLAN are unable to communicate with each other but they can communicate with the promiscuous port.


Is used to create a loop free topology in switching.


Which of the below is NOT a state in switching (STP)?


To create a trunk between two switches, the command used is on the interface _____________


For security reasons, we should not allow all VLANs on the trunk links and that can be configured using which of the below commands?


The main difference between the two Trunking protocols, 802.1Q and ISL is that 802.1 Q _____________ and ISL ______________ the Ethernet Frame.


To delete the vlan information, one should delete the vlan file. What is the correct command to delete the file?


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