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Which of the following provides cooling to the graphics processing unit and memory?


Which of the following is not attached to the liquid cooling systems?


Which of the following is the foundation of the computer?


How many types of hardware resources used by both onboard and add-on card devices?


Which of the following uses high performance and high capacity hard drives?


What do riser cards and daughterboard do?


Which of the following displays standards and pixel resolutions used by the laptops?


Which of the following is the part of computing that you can pick up, open and close?


Which of the following is designed for quick replacement in corporate environment?


Registered memory is used by:


Failure of the fans in the power supply or those attached to the processor is


How many numbering systems are used in computers?


The electrical tests for the systems are performed with the help of:


What could be a major point of failure on notebook computers?


Without which of the following BIOD cannot perform its job alone?


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