CompTIA CDIA+ Practice Test 2 CD0-001

CompTIA CDIA+ Practice Test 2 CD0-001

_________ Is a security feature that will remove pieces of document


What can be used to define users within a workflow environment?


What does EDM stand for


Below are the advantages of making documents available online in a public folder except


The imaging system uses .tiff as its file format but you produce .pdf. You also have internet access you should


Samuel Credit Union is working for all natural disasters, is looking for the best option to recover documents if the worse occurs. What would you advise management to consider


Every month Samuel Credit Union produced 10000 documents. The deciding if they should stay paper based or goes with EDM. They should consider:


RAID is associated with


What is used for data migration?


A4 page, 200 dpi, tiff group 4 compression = ________ KB


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