Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Test 2 CEH (312-50)

Certified Ethical Hacker Practice Test 2 CEH (312-50)

There are three types of scanning involved in hacking. The below sentence best describes which type of scanning.
“Discovers presence of known weaknesses on target systems”


____________ command can be used in DOS or Windows command Prompt to hide files


A ______________is a list of dictionary words that have already been hashed.It can speed up the discovery and cracking of passwords bypre-computing the hashes for common strings of characters.


_________________________ basically gives ethical hackers the power to do the types of testing they perform and makes it a mandatory requirement for government agencies.


Getting connected to a system without username and password is considered a ____________


The process of _______________ allows the hacker to identify particularly vulnerable or high-value targets on the network. Hint: It is also known as Banner grabbing or OS identification.


___________________ is the process of hiding data in other types of data such as images or textfiles.


_______________ is the process of dialing modem numbers to find an open modem connection that provides remote access to a network for an attack to be launched against the target system.


Which of the below tools is used for data-cleansing system for Windows PCs. It prevents unwanteddata from becoming permanently hidden in the system. It cleans the Recycle Bin, Internetcache, system files, temp folders, and so on


___________________ is a worm that affects SQL servers.


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