Quiz 5

Switch A have 45 vlans and revision number 10 and switch B have 19 vlans and revision number 109, which switch vlan will propagate to which switch?


In which switch private vlans can be configure?


If you have configure seprate STP for Vlan 87, what is the most likely concept used in this case?


Peer to peer networks are commonly used in


What is the name of the technology that is used to connect devices without physical connection?


If one switch is server and other switches attached are client, will the server switch vlans will propagate to client switches?


If Switch A is in server mode and switch B is in transparent mode, will the switch B will update its vlan database when switch A changes its own?


How to enter into eth0 interface in router?


You are using 2950s switch in a company and want to replace it wil 3750s, you have only one hour to replace and configure this, what will you do?


If some packets arrive at router A and didn’t find its destination in the router table, what will be action of router?


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