Subnet Mask Calculator

Subnet Mask Calculator

Subnet mask calculator created by Certiology is a small Windows utility that calculates subnet masks for various A Class, B Class and C Class IPs. It is an excellent utility that is free and very helpful for networking experts who want to calculate different subnet masks. The results of subnet mask calculations show hexadecimal IP addresses subnet ID, wild card mask, and subnet bitmap and subnet network.

The subnet mask calculator has three classes of A, B and C having different octets for each one of them. Class A has 1 to 126, Class B has 128 to 191 and Class C has 192 to 223 in their first octets, respectively. Here is a complete tutorial on how to download, install and use the subnet mask calculator.

  1. Download subnet mask calculator. You would see a Download icon on the left side. Click it to download the program.
  2. subnet mask calculatorOnce downloaded, open up the ZIP file and Extract all components in a different folder. Make sure to extract all files in order to the subnet mask calculator to work properly.
  3. Extract all ContentsOnce all components are extracted, open up the folder and run Subnet Mask Calculator. If you are using Windows 8 or newer version, make sure to Run as Administrator by right clicking on the app. Once the program has started, there are different options for you. 
  4. All you need is to input the IP address for which you want to calculate subnet mask and click Calc on the right side. Once you click Calc, it would immediately calculate subnet mask and provide essential information such as the Class of the IP address (which in our case is Class C as the range if is above 192).
  5. Certiology SubNetNext what you can do is specify the Maximum number of subnets and specify the Wanted number of hosts and click Show next subnet with this number of hosts. What this would do is calculate and show you next subnets with the specified number of hosts that you have provided. In our case, we have 64 subnets and 2 number of hosts as follows and after clicking Show next subnet with this number of hosts, it shows us the following range:
  6. CertiolgySubnet-CalculatorThat is all you need to do in order to calculate subnet masks. This eases down the task of a network administrator to split an IP into different subnet masks.


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