Binary is the language of the computers and data that is stored in them are done do in this code. Just like we use our ten fingers when we need to count something which is generally done as a reflective habit, computers too nee to think how to keep data that you want it to store in the best possible.

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Binary to Decimal Conversion

Hence whatever data that is inputted into the computer has to be converted into a simple language that the computer could understand and that is what binary is all about.

The main factor is that binary uses only two digits, that is the digit “0” and the digit “1”, it is with these two digits that the computer would store every data that we put into it.

On the other side we have the decimal this is what we use when we need to store data in our mind, just like the computer storing in its memory which is its hard disk.

The decimal system uses the normal numbering system that we use to put down what we have stored in our memory which is what is n our memory or in our brains.

As an example if we are to remember or keep n memory the year that we were born we would just remember it as “1954” and these four digits has been stored in our memory.

The same four digits of our year of birth would be stored in a computer with only the digits “0” and the digit “1” and the decimal number that we need to remember which is “1954” would be stored as “0000011110100010”, which the computer finds easier to keep in its storage or memory as it simplifies or birthday tear to just “1’s” and “0’s”.

Every decimal number or collection of numbers could be converted into a binary and it is true the other way around too which in the former helps us to keep in our memory and in the latter’s case helps the computer to easily keep in its mind which we refer to as the hard disk or storage unit.

That brings us to another interesting aspect and that is, what are these two we call binary and decimal?  We need to understand what these two really does in remembering numbers that we need to keep in mind or as far as the computers are concerned in their minds too.

Binary as we know uses just two digits and with the use of these two digits the computer is able to store any data it needs to store and that is quite a task as it contains thousands of what we call transistors which help it to store the data it wants.

In fact by using only these digits that is “0” and “1” it can keep anything in its memory and even when we input numbers that we need it to store the computer converts them and stores it with the intention of reconverting back and delivering it to us in the format that we understand that is in the decimal form.

Decimal does the same thing in reverse and for instance we as mentioned above store our year of birth in four digits and the difference here is that what we store are in the digits “0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9”. We use all the ten possible digits but the computer converts these to just two digits.