Each of the systems can be inter-converted and the same goes for binary too, which can be converted to text and there are ample online facilities to facilitate this exercise.

Binary to Text Converter

Binary to Text Conversion

These are mostly languages that are used by the computer to help in the storage of the different types of information that we are exposed to and which needs to be kept in abeyance till such time that we could retrieve them for use.

Information is received in different formats but it may not be possible to store them in the same format hence conversions have to be executed to facilitate effective storage and that is why these systems are used.

Binary is a system which uses only the digits “0” and “1” and it is with these two digits that all the information that is given to the computer are saved for future retrieval.

For instance when we input a name into the computer, it is converted into the binary form but when it is retrieved it is re-converted into the text form and delivered to us which is a very complicated exercise but done within split seconds.

The language that we use and what is used by the computer differs a lot and if the computer needs to store information that information should be provided to it in the right form.

That form is the binary form and once it is stored, for which it would use just a fraction of the facilities available it could go on and on till the ‘ON or OFF” switch is activated, which would be the only other command that your computer would know.

It is a very vast reservoir of information that we are talking about and all the information that is inputted has to be saved and kept in storage and till it could be retrieved.

Different systems have been developed to ensure that what is needed by the computer is made available so that information is quickly made available too when needed.

It sa exercise in always converting from one to the other to enable the different systems to work with a smooth operation without let or hindrance as the systems are well n place.

There are always different developments being initiated to ensure that the quantum of information and speed of retrieval is at optimum levels and towards this end.

Binary storage of information is a complicated process if we are going to try it on our own but with computers, calculators and other gadgets that we have developed over the years we are able to get most of our chores done quickly and very effectively.

We would need to understand the complete process and ensure that the right facilities are provided to enable us to provide the right information for storage to our computers.

Binary, text, hexadecimal, decimal and fraction are all possibilities that are provided to our computers to ensure that all the information that we give them are stored in the right format for retrieval later.