Information has ot be stored and recovered when required and that is what makes information that special and if we cannot keep information in deep storage then our past, present and future would be quite difficult.

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Decimal to Binary Conversion

Every bit of information that we have is important and all of them have to be stored if we are to make use of them at some point of time and into this equation comes the two methods we and the computer that has access to more information than our brains would keep in storage.

When we keep the different numbers that we need to remember in our mind we generally do it by doing it by utilizing the digits “0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9”, which are the ten digits we use in anything we do to help keep in storage especially in our brains. These digits and the system that we use to remember these specific numbers we refer to as the decimal format.

For instance if we are to remember this year in our calendar we would keep it in mind and remember it as simply the year “2017”, this is by using the above then digits, but in a computer which would store infinite information with also access to the World Wide Web (www) also stores the same information in a different format.

The computer would use what we refer to as the binary factor. For instance when we remember the year “2017” as such using the four digits “2, 0, 1, and 7” which we are comfortable with the computer does an about turn and converts these to its binary factor and stores the same digits as “0000011111100001”.

The interesting thing about the two is that whilst we keep numbers in memory using all the digits which are made available to us, that is as above the computer using only the binary digits “0 and 1” does the same thing and as above they are inter-related and one converts into the other.

For instance everytime we input information by way of digits into the computer we do it not in the language of the computer in the binary form but in the format that we know and that is the decimal form and the computer does its own conversion for easy storage as far as it is concerned.

These two whilst being co-related are very important to both us and the computer as well and delving deeper it would make our lives also very much easier if we could adopt the binary system but the unfortunate issue is that we just don’t have the immense capacity for information retention like what the computer has.

In this context we need to live within the parameters permitted by our brain and just remember it in the ten digits rather than as in the above example of the year “2017” in comparing with the binary way of doing it in 16 digits, which would be quite difficult for us.