The decimal we know is what is written by us on the left of a series of digits with the “Dot” or “Point” and thereafter on the right we would have the fractions but in a case of hexadecimal or generally referred to as “hex” the denominator is a division or part thereof  in a value of 16.

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Decimal to Hex Conversion

This comes into play when we consider pounds and ounces but this is different as the divisions are always a multiplication of the amount or quantity of 16. For instance like 16, 32, 64 etc and there is also another aspect in this and is a division of sets of four digits.

This came about when computers needed more capacity for storage of more information, and the quantity had to be divided and they did it into four sets at one time.

We humans are very comfortable using the decimal system when we need to tabulate digits this may be due to the fact that we have ten fingers in our hands and that makes it easier for us to count from with “0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,”.

Computers on the other hand does not recognize these digits as it knows only the binary numbers of “0” and “1” and the command “ON” and “OFF”, and nothing else hence when we need to give commands.

It makes life easier for computers when we store these digits in what we call “bits” where they are a set of four as said earlier and this provides the right impetus to the computer.

In the case of the hexadecimal it uses all the digits from “0 to 9” and needs another six more to complete its lineup, to enable it to perform effectively and for that purpose it borrows six alphabets, which are “A, B, C, D, E and F”.

The use of all these 10 digits and the six Alphabets is what makes hexadecimal special and to differentiate between others like the decimal and other numbering systems this is written with the letter “h” at the end when written down.

There is also provision to convert decimal to hexadecimal which could be done by following a fewsimple steps and which would give an idea what it is about and useful it is to us.

By dividing the decimal number by the value of 16 which should be treated as an integer division and then go onto the next step of the exercise.

By jotting down the remainder of the result which would be the hexadecimal so that you know what it really depicts in value and would help in the next step of the exercise.

Then you would need to divide the obtained result by 16 again and treat that value too as an integer division of the number that you had before.

You would need the exercise to be repeated until you end with the result of “0” and this exercise would be the hexadecimal values beginning from the top to the final result so obtained.