Enterprise IT Business Specialist

Enterprise IT Business Specialist

The field of Information Technologies is a field overflowing with potential. New technology comes out virtually every day, and the IT marketplace has never been better. Since technology is growing, the professionals that manage and maintain it have to grow as well. There are a number of certifications to help individuals achieve this fete, but recently Cisco has updated and added to their list of certifications in order to better meet the demands of the transforming IT world. One of their new professional certifications is the Enterprise IT Business Specialist.


Cisco believes the Enterprise IT Business Specialist certification is primarily geared toward IT personnel that are involved in helping their organization use technology and improve business outcomes. Cisco further says that this certification will bolster the holder’s abilities by allowing them to better capture business needs, better assess technology options from a business context, better understand an IT solutions ROI (return on investment) and TCO (total cost of ownership), and better influence and communicate with business leaders. Cisco thinks their certification is separate from other, similar certifications offered by other companies because their certification provides a “holistic” approach that “reflects multiple topics often described in today’s IT roles.”

Requirements and Exams

Prerequisites and Training: There are no formal prerequisites for the Enterprise IT Business Specialist certification, but Cisco does have a formal training and exam that must be passed before certification is awarded. The training is the Building Business Specialist Skills (BTBBSS) and the exam is the 820-427 BTBBSS test.

Taking the Exam: According to Cisco, the BTBBSS course gives the certification hopeful knowledge related to business as well as skills that will bolster the value of IT. In addition to the previous, hopeful’s will also increase their business efficacy, increase revenue through new product or markets, and increase the understanding of the IT business.

Recertification: The Enterprise IT Business Specialist certification is only valid for two years after the original certification date, and in order for holders to keep their certification, they must pass the current version of the BTBBSS exam.


Getting a career is hard enough, but sometimes keeping a career can also be difficult. New technology emerges, and with it, new education is given so it is imperative for professionals to stay current with their field. The Enterprise IT Business Specialist certification does just that, providing value for the holders, as well as increasing job security and company success.

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