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How Computer Hardware students and Networking engineers can start making money online by creating a computer networking or a hardware related blog

Computer networking is viewed as an attractive career field and continues to be the most popular way of earning a living. There is a lot of hard work associated with networking and you are likely to face stiff competition for the high-quality positions. Blogging is a necessary part of running a business and most entrepreneurs have realized a significant difference in terms of search visibility, leads and sales.

It is important to host your computer networking blog on your business site. A blog can act as a digital portal to share online your passion for networking. You enhance your visibility by writing professionally, working with advertisers and brands to receive compensation for your creativity. As an expert in computer networking, you are able to distill your experiences, ideas, and thoughts that you have learned during your education, career and life journey.

You will have to find the inspiration for ideas and words to start and continue a blog. Long are the days when the opportunity was only limited to “local”. The advancement in technology has removed the restrictions of geographical regions. This is because you can offer your knowledge of computer networking and hardware in an online platform and earn from it.

Today, you will learn how you can make money from a computer networking blog. The easiest and cheapest way to host your blog is by choosing Bluehost. Many have had a great experience with the same and anyone can earn some extra bucks with a blog. There are many reasons why Bluehost is a favorite for most bloggers and it has had a great reputation over the past because it is actually the best in the industry.

In this article, we will show you how you can start a computer networking or a hardware related blog using Bluehost. Once you start earning a great income from your blog, you will realize how Bluehost is extremely affordable. It helps you appear more professional to readers and other companies.

How you can start a WordPress blog on Bluehost

Bluehost is very easy to use and anyone can create a WordPress blog in a few steps using the tutorial below.

1. Register your domain name

The first step, before creating a blog is to purchase a domain name. First, try to imagine what your domain name will be. Since you are in a computer networking field, you can pick any domain name associated with it but it has to be unique.

If you want the whole process to be simple, you can acquire your domain through Bluehost directly. The domain remains FREE during the first year provided you purchase 12 months’ worth of Web hosting by Bluehost.

You save a good amount of money by signing up for 12 months of web hosting. Your monthly payment becomes much lower in the long run if you buy the 36-month plan. In the next step, we will explain what each package entails to give you a better idea of what you are about to buy.

2. Purchase hosting for your networking blog

Selecting the plan

Choose the “Basic” plan to receive the affordable price when starting a blog. If you sign up for 36 months due upfront in full, you get $2.75 per month. You only pay $3.95 per month if you sign up for a 24-month plan. Signing up for a 12-month plan means that you will pay $4.95 per month.

The 12-month plan seems to be a great price when you are starting your blog as it is hosted for one year. You still have a free domain which gives you a big bonus and a motivation to continue your blog. If the cost is not an issue, purchasing the 36-month plan would offer you the best value. This package lowers your monthly rate and the price you pay for hosting becomes cheaper in the long term.

All you need now is the Basic plan since you need to be familiar with all aspects of blogging as you grow your business. Bluehost allows you to switch to a different plan at any time if there is a need.

Domain Privacy Protection

When it comes to blogging, another item that you may be needed to pay for is Domain Privacy Protection. It helps to keep your contact information safe. The aforementioned are the most important things you need to be concerned about when purchasing hosting for the first time. You can always add any other extras by switching to a different plan anytime. You are likely to spend about $59 per year on average with blog hosting which is a great deal.

In summary, follow these steps when you are ready to create your own blog

  • Visit Bluehost and click the button “Get Started Now”
  • Choose the package that is most comfortable
  • Enter the domain name you used to register earlier
  • Enter both personal and payment information
  • The last step requires you to enter a password. It is very important that your password is secure.

3. Connect your domain and your hosting

If you have already purchased the domain directly through Bluehost then you can skip this section. If not, please read through to understand how you connect the domain to your hosting.

It is essential to connect the hosted account to your domain if you had purchased the domain through Go Daddy or any other platform. Go Daddy usually has a page that offers full support and you can set nameservers specifically for your domain names.

If you register a domain with Go Daddy, it is set up on their parked nameservers and a temporary page will always appear when people visit your website.

How DNS Nameservers can be modified when using Bluehost for your hosting and Go Daddy for your domain.

You can choose ‘Manage Domains’ from your ‘Manage Your Account List’

Use the checkboxes to select the domain name to be modified and click on “Set Name Servers”.

The updated name is then entered in the spaces provided on the right side of your page under the blue ‘Name Servers’ heading. Afterward, click the Save Changes button. The entries should appear this way:;

It will be necessary to add the purchased domain e.g. through Go Daddy as an addon domain to your Bluehost web hosting. Once logged in to your Bluehost web hosting account, you can do this by clicking “Domains” and then the “Assign” button. It is very easy to follow the steps.

4. Install WordPress on Bluehost

It is very simple to create a WordPress blog on Bluehost and this is probably the easiest step because it is FREE.

Bluehost gives you a step by step guide on what you need to do once you create your password.

  • The first thing you will do is to pick a theme. Feel free to choose any or you can go through them carefully to find one that best suits you. It is not such a big deal as you can change it later. It is also good to know that there are free ones too.
  • Afterwards, click on “Start Building”
  • Choose “Business” or “Personal” on the next screen. You can also click on “I don’t need help”, it’s all up to you.

Done! Now you have a WordPress blog. The only thing you need to do now is to produce high-quality content for your audience and work on the design too.

A few tips on how to navigate WordPress

  • Save the WordPress login information as you will need it when signing into your WordPress Account. The email is only received once you complete the four steps above.
  • Click on “Posts” on the left-hand side to create or add new posts once you are logged in. Click on “Page” if you wanted to create a new page.
  • Click on “Media” if you want to add an image.
  • To add items to your sidebar or footer, click on “Appearance” then navigate to “Widgets”.
Why Bluehost is ideal for your computer networking blog

After reading through the features offered by Bluehost, there are several reasons why it is the right web hosting provider for your new blog.

  • First, it is easy to use and you can easily create a WordPress blog in a few clicks
  • Bluehost offers technical support which is highly responsive to any queries from their clients.
  • Bluehost offers cheap web hosting and they are extremely affordable. Cheap hosting only starts at $2.75 per month and it’s worth the price.
  • You get FREE WordPress through Bluehost and FREE blog domain
  • You will be self-hosted since you want to monetize your blog
  • Bluehost allows you to be more professional to your audience and competitors in the same field.

Blogging allows you to be flexible since you can work from home. It is possible to make more than $100,000 a month from services related to blogging. Bluehost has had a great reputation over the past and it is a top web hosting companies that can help you earn a living for a lifetime.