Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory 70-640 Practice Exam 1

Which if the below are part of the IDA (Identity and Access) solution.


In the IDA infrastructure monitoring activities take place which is referred to as _______________


_____________ is a logical grouping of computers and network resources that share a common database.


FSMO stands for in reference to Windows Active Directory _______________________


_________________ Command can be used to start Active directory domain Service installation Wizard.


Enterprise wide IDA information for the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is collected and stored in a database. This database is called ________________.


_______________ is a group of domains sharing a contiguous namespace. ( Parent domain + one or more child domains)


Which of the below is not an Active Directory command Line tool?


To remove the domain controller through CLI which of the below commands is used ?


The _______ command is used to set permissions.


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