MCSA Windows 8 Practice Exam 1

MCSA Windows 8 Practice Exam 1

Which of the below are not Windows 8.1 edition?

The minimum hard disk space for a Windows 8.1 64 bit (x64) computer is _______________

You want to use the Bitlocker and AppLocker features of the Windows operating System. Which if the below edition of Windows 8.1 should be used?

_____________________ Command can be used to on your computer running Windows 8.1 system to check the status of your system activation.

You network consists of about 50 computers running Windows 8.1. These computers should have IPv6 configured on them and thus the below powershell cmdlet can be used?

On a computer running Windows 8.1 where BitLocker Drive Encryption is enable or running with the data-only option. If a very important, highly confidential file is delete from the computer abd you want to have some free space created inoreder to reduce the chances of the confidential files being recovered. Which of the below command should be used?

For computers running Windows 8.1, you want to reduce the power usage when the sleep button is pressed. Which of the below can be done?

_______________ is a command line utility or tool that can be used to apply, capture, delete, export and do some other tasks with images.

____________________ is the command line tool used to migrate user data from an old windows edition OS to Windows 8.1. It copies the data you select and then transfer data back once the clean install of Windows 8.1 is done.  

___________________ is the GUI tool similar to the USMT, which is used for migration of user data.

Which of these are levels of events seen when reviewing the logs in Event Viewer?

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