MCSA Windows 8 Practice Exam 4

MCSA Windows 8 Practice Exam 4

Which of the below Power shell commands is not used to manage shares?

Your computer is having NTFS File system. Which of the below basic permission are part of the NTFS file system?

In Windows 8.1 you want to use the CLI to encrypt files and folers, which of the below command would you use?

To back up the certifications that can be used after migration to another computer, a MMC can be used. Which is the it from the below options?

Which of the below are not commonly used Authenctation Protocols?

The below command will open Remote Desktop connection and the screen will be displayed in full screen mode.?

Which of the below support VPN Reconnect?

Which of the below are types of Disk Volumes used in Windows 8.1?

You feel that your hard disk is not working as expected and you need to have it checked or scanned to find any errors and fix the issue. Which of the below tool is used ?

The below command utility is used to clean up the File History Versions from the windows 8.1 system?

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