MCSA Windows 8 Practice Test 3

MCSA Windows 8 Practice Test 3

Which of the below are IPv4 to IPv6 transition technologies?

Which of the below supports upto 11Mbps bandwidth?

Which of the below is not a Wireless technology standard?  

Encryption is required for secure wireless communication. Which of the below are Encryption protocols?

For two computers to communicate, they must form a trust. ______________ is an agreement that is made between the computers to understand how the exchange of data will happen securely. A key is used in this mechanism. 

If you want to allow access for DirectAccess client to the Internet using a public IP address, which of the below transition technologies is used?

DNS servers are used to resolve names to IP addresses but a new feature or solution _______________ is considered a better choice due to its scalability, secure behavior and quality of being dynamic.

In an environment where you have Windows 8.1 running, you design a RA ( Remote access server) where the firewall should accept connections on incoming TCP to port 80 and 443. To connect the server from a laptop you need to have a VPN connection setup to the RAS server. Which is the best VPN tunneling protocol to use in this case?

Which of the below is used to connect a client computer to VPN?

To start a remote and interactive Powershell session, which command is used in Windows?

To manage remote computers you can use Window Intune Administrator console, using the same you can monitor the starts of the restart or the status for restart. Which ogf the below are status messages that could be seen during the restart process?

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