Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Exam 2

Which of the below two tools can be used to capture and analyze traffic?


Which of the below modes are related to Fiber Optic Cable?


What is the frame that is smaller than 64 bytes called?


Which of the below is a 64 bit Wireless Encryption Protocol?


____________________ Layer of the OSI takes care of the compression and encryption.


In a twisted pair cable, the wires are in pairs and something of BOGB is referred. What does this BOGB in reference to the cable represent?


Which of the below is a standard for Wireless devices?


You are required to find the MAC address of you own computer. Which of the below command is used?


Which of these protocols is not a Network Layer Protocol?


To connect similar devices like, switch to switch, what type of cable is used ?


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