Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Exam 3

Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Exam 3

Which if the below are loopback addresses. Choose all that apply.


The three main types of IPv6 addresses are _________________


In IP address v4 the 1st octet in the range of 224-239 indicates which Class IP address?


The subnet mask can be written in slash notation as _______________


Which of the below is a valid Private IP address in the B class? Choose all that Apply


To install IPv6 on your windows computer you need to _____________


Which if the below is a valoid MAC for broadcast?


An IPv6 address is __________ in length


Which of the below command will help remove IP address from CLI?


The ______________ command in Windows CLI will remove the IP address learnt from DHCP.


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