Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Test 2

Networking Fundamentals MTA EXAM 98-366 Test 2

_________________ Service in Windows resolves NetBIOS names to IP addresses.


Frame Relay is associated with FECN / BECN, what does FECN stand for________________


PVCs are associated with Frame Relay, what does PVC stand for _________________________


Basic Rate Interface( BRI) and Primary Rate Interface(PRI) in Digital technology is associated with _______________


The _________________ technology is used to mask and Private IP address from the outside world. We can use this and have multiple computers with Private IP address browse the Internet.


Which of the below are tunneling protocol used by VPN?


The transmission rate of an Optical Carrier OC-24 is _________________


L2TP uses port ________________


In Windows to configure VPN which options do you need to go to?


Frame Relay and X.25 are a type of ___________________ WAN technology?


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