Network Address Translation (NAT) Quiz

Network Address Translation (NAT) Quiz

Certiology’s free Network Address Translation (NAT) quiz, practice test and exam are exactly what you need to test your Network Address Translation (NAT) knowledge.

Is there is a concept of NAT in IPv6?


With NAT, how many Public IP will be needed to allow computers to get access about 100.


What is a DNAT?


Network Address Translation helps improve security by reusing IP addresses


Which command in a router will show you translation active at the moment?


The ________ is considered to be the address after translation


Two computers are directly using Public IP’s, did they still need NAT to communicate with each other?


How NAT works?


You saw that your router R7 is not working correctly with NAT, what will be your first action?


The _______ address is considered to be before translation


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