VPN stands for virtual private network.  This is a secure over the internet connection that requires the user to log into the network with authenticated credentials.

A lot of companies use this technology in order to do specific tasks without having to be at the physical location to log into a computer. For example, a company needs to look a certain records kept in a different location on a separate workstation.

An employee logs into the VPN, turns on the workstation needed and can access the files that are needed.  This saves the company a lot of time and expense.  They don’t have to send an employee across the state or country.  They can get the task done very quickly and easily.

Another great example of this would be if you have ever had to call support for a computer and let someone control your computer to fix a technical issue you were having with it, this is what would be considered a VPN. You have to give your technician access to your computer in order for them to securely connect and be able to find and fix this issue.

Another way companies use this technology is to allow certain employees to work from their homes.  Some companies that use this on a regular basis are website designing companies, some corporate offices, advertising agencies, and news media agencies.

These people can perform their jobs effectively without having to go to a physical location.  This saves the companies money in the long run because they don’t have to purchase the physical equipment they would need or the physical space they would need to house the equipment and employees.