Top 10 Database Administration certifications in 2014

Top 10 Database Administration certifications in 2014

Top 10 Database Administration certifications in 2014

Database management and administration is always a key skill that employers are looking for in talented and knowledgeable IT professionals, and a certification in a database related area is a brilliant way to prove this. Database technology is a crucial part of many jobs which use a great deal of different platforms. Oracle, for example, offers a Database SQL Certified Expert certification which ensures knowledge of database hardware and software, storage area networks and a focus on Brocade management tools and consoles.

The Oracle system of certifications represent a true ladder, where it is necessary to earn the associate level credentials, then professional level credentials, then master, and finally culminates with expert level. Database certifications most often tend to be specific to one system or vendor, however there are a smaller range of certifications which offer a wider range of knowledge and broader real-world applications. The ICCP Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certification ensures this, with a wide range of database-related knowledge and skills including data development, data warehousing, data and information quality as well as data operations.

These skills can be applied to a huge range of jobs in general database administration, including those which require knowledge of a range of different database platforms and for professionals who wish to establish or improve upon their specialized integrity and ability. Microsoft’s SQL Server Database Certifications are also a popular and well respected set of certification, which offers a specific knowledge of Microsoft’s Visual Studio and covers other data-driven applications and warehousing of all types. The certification and SQL Server credentials are in general quite popular with employers, and especially the highest level MCM certification which is highly respected and needs a demanding $7,500 exam to complete in its entirety.

IBM offers almost 40 different credentials which cover database platforms such as WebSphere, Info Sphere, DB2 and Inform ix. This is a wide range of certifications covers more or less every aspect of database administration that you could imagine, and allows you to tailor your learning to the specific skills you will be requiring in your workplace or personal and professional development.

IBM has incredible leverage and respect in the IT world, especially in the areas of applications infrastructure and management and middle ware, ensuring that a certification gained from IBM is a secure investment in your professional future. Sybase offers certifications in both database development and database administration, and focuses on the Sybase systems Sybase IQ and SQL.

It is important to note that Sybase is a much smaller company than it once was and does not necessarily hold the same market weight as it may have in the past, however for those who will definitely be working with Sybase databases, a Sybase certification is invaluable for both employment opportunities and personal confidence and development.

As mentioned, database credentials are very numerous and often go into great detail in such specific areas as Vertias, Comm Vault and PostgreSQL systems, which can be exceedingly useful to professionals who are keen to work in companies or areas which they know are using these specific systems. Whichever credential is chosen, the skills of database administration will always be in high demand so ensure that you are as up to date and confident in the area as possible when pursuing a certification.

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