Top Programming certifications in 2014

Top Programming Certifications in 2014

Top Programming Certifications in 2014

Certifications in IT systems programming and the associated programming languages are some of the most sought after in the entire IT world. With no less than 450 different programming languages available to professionals today, it can be difficult to know which certifications are worth spending time and money on. Programming certifications are usually either focused specifically on programming language, or focused more on common platforms used to programmer systems, such as adobe platforms. One entry-level certification focused on programming languages is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) from Microsoft, which is Microsoft’s foremost certification for programmers and covers four different credentials in one.

Emphasis is put on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Web Services, SharePoint and Azure, among st other aspects covered by the Visual Studio 2012. This is not a quick and easy certification, with each credential requiring a minimum of three exams to be sat, but once achieved will prove your breadth of programming knowledge. Microsoft also offer the Microsoft Certified Solutions Master and the Microsoft Certified Solutions Architect as more senior certifications once the MCSD has been achieved. For less commonly taught programming languages, Zend offers the Zend Certified Engineer (ZCE) certification focusing on the all-purpose free scripting language PHP which runs on millions of web pages and servers around the world and is a widely-used and popular web tool set for nearly every operating system.

This certification focuses on the Zend engine, the core system used for PHP scripting, although language-focused qualifications are available from Zend too. PHP knowledge is highly in demand and this certification is a great entry point to a niche area of web programming. For all of the development and programming tools Adobe produce, they also provide a wide range of certifications to match, such as the Adobe Certified Expert for Developers (ACE Developers) certification. This focuses on Adobe tools Flash, Flex and LiveCycle and teach experienced developers how to programmer, build and maintain applications using the Adobe interfaces. Adobe certified programmers are always in high demand, especially in jobs which include web application, web-based gaming or media in their commonly required tasks, as they demonstrate a widely applicable and highly valued skill set.

If you are wishing to focus specifically on JavaScript certifications, Oracle provide a wide range of certificates within their Oracle Certified series of credentials, beginning at Oracle Certified Associate and going right up to the Oracle Certified Master and the Java EE 5 Architect certification at the top end of the scale.Java certifications are highly respected and in demand, as they probably are the most widely known of all of the programmer certifications and have a huge range of applications.

Approximately half of all programming jobs advertised today require applicants to be familiar with Java, and so having a certified knowledge of it will definitely be a step up on the career ladder for any IT professional considering a future in commercial software development, in-house software development and web design.

This area of IT certification boasts a huge range of options, from very specific certifications in areas such as Android and iOS application programming and Teradata, to more vendor-neutral ones such as mobile applications development and web programming.When pursuing a career in programming, be sure to consider your choice of certifications extremely carefully to make sure they suit your future career goals and current skills as best as possible.

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