Cursed Text Generator

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What is cursed text?

People called this text “Satanic text”. Text that has been messed up with tiny marks so it is hard to read. Unicode allows for tiny marks to be stacked and overlap with other letters and words.

Cursed text generator

This is a type of font that looks like it has words because it has letters, but the words are not real. It is called “Cursed Text Generator.” There are other names for this font too. We can also call it “Satanic text”, “Demonic text” or “Void text.” These all are the same things.

How Cursed Text Generator Works

Cursed words are created with the help of the Unicode system. The Unicode system covers many types of characters from many other languages. These marks make letters look cursed and strange. We call these texts “Satanic”.

You may notice that the word has many diacritics and is very difficult to read. When you want to make text look crazy and weird, click the “Craziness level” button and attract your friends.

Can I Share it on You Tube?

You can scare your friends by adding a text that looks like it is cursed. You can do this on YouTube and other social networks. But do not abuse this, because many will find it hard to read and they will close your website or YouTube comments.

Copy & paste

This web page will help you generate text with “curses.” You can copy and paste this text into chat messages, comments on the internet, or other places. People who do not know about it can think that you hacked the website.

But really, it is just a slight abuse of Unicode standards which allow for unlimited combinations of diacritics because some languages require this.

Some people call this “hurt text”. This means that the letters have been messed up with marks. It is hard to read. The Unicode allows more marks, and these can be stacked so they do not overlap with text next to them.

This is a “hacked” website because it looks like some text is broken and overlapping weirdly. It can scare people in YouTube comment sections. They might think that someone who hacked the website will break into their computer and do something bad to it.

Some people have been trying to stop copying and pasting this text because it can make websites look broken. If you copy and paste the text into any website’s comment section, it will not work.