Weird Text Generator

What is that weird text?

Weird text generator tool that changes normal words into weird words. It does this by using unusual Unicode symbols which look like the ones for numbers and letters in the alphabet.

Weird text also called “Zalgo text” that has a special Unicode. People sometimes call it Crazy Text. The special Unicode helps create diacritic signs.

Weird Text Generator

The text generator can make your regular text weird by using different strange Unicode symbols.

It generates weird text with different characters that look like the normal letters in real-time.

How to use a Weird Text Generator?

To make a weird text, follow these steps:

  • Type your content in the box on the left.
  • Text in the box which is on the right side copies the text from it.
  • Paste the text where you need it.

How does weird text work?

You can use different fonts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media. It makes your profile more interesting and people will like it. So keep using this tool to find new fonts that people want to use too!

The weird text generator uses Unicode which is a type of computer code. That is why we can copy and paste the letters that we have made with this tool in a different place without any problems.

Why use this crazy text generator?

Our weird text converter will generate letters in a crazy way. They are easy to use and will appear almost immediately.

This program creates weird letters. It has these features:

Copy and Paste

This tool lets you copy and paste the normal text to make weird symbols.

Provides Sample Data

This feature lets you upload data in the input box to see how our online tool works.

Generates Crazy Text

The “weird font” is made of special letters and symbols. It makes the text crazy.

Loads More Fonts

This function gives you a way to make your content more interesting. You can use different fonts.

How to send a message with weird text?

The weird looking and fancy text is a fun, easy way to use letters. You can choose many different styles just by typing some letters. You just need to type some letters and it will change.

The translator can make weird symbols. You can copy and paste these symbols from the translator. These are made from ASCII characters, which are in the right-hand box of the translator.