Wake On LAN

Wake On LAN

Wake on LAN is when a person from one end of a local area network wakes a computer that has access to a power source on the other end of or across a network remotely by sending what is called a Magic Packet.

In order to perform this function the motherboard must be properly connected to an ATX-compatible power supply.  This really isn’t much of an issue these days though.  Most computers’ motherboards come already properly connected and ready for action.

The other factor that needs to be assured that your network is equipped with is a network card.  With today’s high tech and wifi demand most computers and laptops come already equipped with this card and are capable of Wake on LAN.  But, if your desktop is not equipped it would serve you well to do your research on the subject and even go see a computer pro to make sure you get the proper one and it is installed correctly.

Your computer’s network card is always listening and waiting for this command.  Because of this the network card can be using up power from your battery.  If you find that your battery is draining faster than it should this card can be turned off.

The way it essentially works, is your computer is always listening and waiting for what is called a MagicPacket.  This packet gives the command for the computer to wake up.  They are usually send by software that has been professionally designed to do this task.  In order for it to work properly the MagicPacket must have the NIC’s MAC address within the packet.