Windows 8

MCSA: Windows 8

What is MCSA: Windows 8?

MCSA: Windows 8 is a qualification designed for help desk support workers and IT managers. This qualification allows students learn the essentials to deploy and maintain a Windows 8 enterprise bundle and windows 8 clients. It ensures that the core understanding of virtualization, configuring remote access, managing backups/recovery, and using the cloud are all well understood and can be implemented in a professional setting.

You may upgrade to this qualification if you have the MCSA: Windows 7 qualification.

What do you study?

You study for two examinations which must be completed to obtain this qualification, consisting of 47 modules:

  • Configuring Windows 8.1 (Exam 70-687)
  • Supporting Windows 8.1 (Exam 70-688)

This qualification also provides an examination to upgrade a MCSA: Windows 7 qualification to this MCSA: Windows 8 qualification by completing the following examination:

  • Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA: Windows 8 (Exam 70-689)

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisite requirements for this qualification, however Microsoft recommend that the MTA is taken first (although this is not necessary) and it is recommended that you have 2 years of experience with Windows 8 and the cloud technology before undertaking this examination.

MCSA Windows 8 Practice Tests And Exams