CWAP ( wi-fi Analysis )

CWNP CWDP Certification

The Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) certification is a expert level wireless LAN certification from CWNP. The CWAP certification focuses on the analysis aspect of a WLAN and will advance a candidates career by ensuring the skill sets required to successfully analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize enterprise level Wi-Fi networks for their various applications and different deployment environments irrespective of the vendors, brands and devices being implemented by an organization.

The Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) exam code PW0-270 was announced alongside the CWDP certification on April 07, 2010. The certification exam has been available since the fall of 2010. To earn the CWAP certification interested candidates must pass two exams, the PW0-104 and the PW0-270. Since fall 2010, the exam PW0-270 has been available at all Pearson VUE testing centers internationally.

The new official CWAP Study Guide provided by CWNP is published by Sybex and is jointly authored by David Coleman, David Westcott, Keith Parsons, and Bryan Harkins. This study guide will be released on January 1, 2011 along with the official CWAP questions of the practice test which will appear on the official website of CWNP (

CWAP Certification Details

To achieve the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) certification, the candidates have to pass two exams in total, the Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) certification exam PW0-104 and the second exam PW0-270 of CWAP itself.

The exams for the CWAP can be attempted at all Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide and cost $225 for each attempt. The exam duration is 90 minutes and it consists of 60 multiple choice/multiple answer type questions. Passing score of the CWAP exam is 70%. However candidates who are CWNT certified instructors require a passing score of 80% in order for them to be qualified to give CWAP training classes. Currently the exam is available in the English language version.

During the exam the candidates don’t have the option to mark a question and then return to that question later on, also candidates cannot review or reattempt any previously answered question in the exam.

Familiarity with the CWNP exam terminology is recommended for the candidates before taking the CWDA and the CWAP exams. The CWNP terminologies are also common to the CWTS, CWNA, CWSP, and CWNE exams.

Exam Objectives

The CWAP certification exam based on the current CWAP exam objectives ensures that candidates understand the frame structures and the exchange processes for all 802.11 series of standards and know how to use the analysis and troubleshooting tools available for WLANs. This certification exam covers the related study topics vigorously and focuses mainly on applications of this knowledge in the real world. The CWAP candidate must have passed the CWNA certification exam prior to attempting the CWAP certification. Passing the CWAP exam earns credit towards the CWNE certification.

The skills and knowledge certified by the CWAP exam is based on survey results of networking professionals and various product manufacturers of Wi-Fi analyzer products. The exam objectives of the CWAP include:

  • 802.11 Physical (PHY) Layer Frame Formats and Technologies
  • 802.11 MAC Layer Frame Formats and Technologies
  • 802.11 Operation and Frame Exchanges
  • Spectrum Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Protocol Analysis and Troubleshooting