CCIE Security

What is CCIE Security?

The CCIE Security track of the Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) certification puts emphasis on and ensures expertise and experience of securing networks and VPNs, strong concepts regarding all major operating systems in use including Windows and Linux, firm understanding of the HTTP, FTP, SMTP and DNS protocols. As well as high level skills related to building and securing multifaceted networks, while also removing errors and handling exploits and threat deterrence within these networks.

The Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert (CCIE) certification sets unprecedented level for IT career certifications. The CCIE and its various specialized areas including CCIE Security are regarded as the number one networking certification of the industry.

CCIE Security Requirements

There are no formal preliminary requirements of other certifications or trainings, set forth by Cisco for the CCIE Security certification. But Cisco does recommend that the candidate should have 3 to 5 years of relevant experience in an identical IT security atmosphere with the ability to efficiently handle real-world problems.

Although a candidate specializing in the security domain of the CCIE is not necessarily expected to have core knowledge of routing but nonetheless should be able to exhibit understanding and working prowess on layer 2 and 3 networks.

Examination Procedure

The CCIE Security certification consists of a written exam and a practical exam generally called the “CCIE LAB” exam. It is compulsory to clear the written exam before planning for the CCIE lab.

The CCIE Security written exam is designated by the exam code 350-018 consists of about 90 to 110 multiple-choice questions. These have to be cleared in a 120 minutes deadline.

  • Implement secure networks using Cisco ASA Firewalls
  • Implement secure networks using Cisco IOS Firewalls
  • Implement secure networks using Cisco VPN solutions
  • Configure Cisco IPS to mitigate network threats
  • Implement Identity Management
  • Implement Control Plane and Management Plane Security
  • Configure Advanced Security
  • Identify and Mitigate Network Attacks 

The CCIE Security lab exam like other CCIE variations is a rigorous, 8 hours duration, practical exam with the objective of setting up and securing a network in a live situation. The CCIE Security lab currently costs $1400 per attempt. The CCIE lab exam must be taken within 18 months after clearing the written CCIE exam. In case of an unsuccessful first attempt the candidate is given a 3 years’ time period from the date of passing the written exam, to reattempt and pass the Lab. There is a one month waiting period between every attempt at the Lab exam.

A CCIE must retake and pass the CCIE written tests after every 2 years, in order to retain active CCIE status. If the test is not retaken inside a period of 3 years the CCIE status is revoked and the whole examination procedure must be repeated.

Benefits of CCIE Security Certification

The CCIE Security Certification is the most widely used credential in the industry which warrants the uniquely high level expertise of network security professionals. CCIE Security certified personal are the confirmed specialists of the implementation, configuration and troubleshooting of security solutions using Cisco technologies. It is due to this reason that the CCIE Security certification is considered one of the most trustworthy credential in the industry.

CCIE Security Practice Exams