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CCIE Security Jobs in USA

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. This is the certification program offered by Cisco. This certification course enables the experts to use different operations and functions like troubleshooting the complex infrastructures of the networking systems.

The demand of CCIE certified engineers and experts is very high in the field of information technology. As far as jobs are concerned, there are plenty of jobs available in USA for engineers and experts certified with this Cisco certification course. The field of information technology has become so wide that it is the need of every expert to get certified with different certification programs. Job opportunities in the USA for this certification are very highly paid and are offering very good services too. Job Designations:

The possible job designations for the CCIE certified experts are as under

  • Jobs as a system design engineer
  • Jobs as a senior analyst
  • Job as an administrator in the field of information technology
  • Job as a networking engineer
  • Job as a senior networking specialist 

The above mentioned job areas are available in USA and the experts certified with CCIE are designated in these areas. With the developing field of information technology, getting certified with different certifications is the basic necessity of every professional. Creations and innovations have been flourishing in the IT world today. CCIE is the course which allows the engineers and specialists to operate the basic functions of troubleshooting, switching and routing systems.

The salary range of CCIE security jobs in the USA is from $100k to $150k. There are good job available for the CCIE certified engineers in the USA. The chances of getting high ranked jobs for CCIE certified engineers are greater in the United States of America.

Listed below are latest CCIE Security Jobs in United States

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