CompTIA CTT+ Certification

The Certified Technical Trainer CTT+ certification provided by CompTIA is a certification irrespective to vendors, that benefits professional trainers and instructors in all IT related industries. It proves the competency of instructors in five main domains which include preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation, and evaluation inside a classroom and also in a virtual classroom environment. These CTT+ certification domains are based on the IBSTPI guide lines of 2003.

Major players of the I.T. and Technical industry including Adobe, HP, Microsoft, and Ricoh consider the CompTIA CTT+ certified as a recommendation for their trainers. The CompTIA CTT+ certification provides significant advantages and benefits to trainers during the hiring process.

The CTT+ certification exam consists of two challenging parts which include a computer‐based and video‐based exam. The CTT+ certification can also be used to qualify for other major training industry certifications such as the Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and the Certified Novell Instructor (CNI).

IBSTPI Competency

The IBSTPI competencies which provide the basis for the CTT+ certification, are defined as a set of skills which integrates an instructor’s knowledge and effective attitude to ensure performance of relative occupation or function in an employment as per the expected standards. The IBSTPI competencies are closely related with the performance of a professional on a job and are calculated against commonly accepted standards of the job environment. These competencies are regularly updated and validated globally.

The IBSTPI Instructor Competencies updated as of 2003 include:

  • Professional Foundations
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Instructional Methods and Strategies
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Management

Exam Details

The first exam is known as the Comptia’s CTT+ Essentials TK-201 which is a computer based exam. It includes 95 multiple choice questions which have to be attempted in 90 minutes. The passing score for the Comptia’s CTT+ Essentials exam is 655 on a scale of 100 – 900. The TK-201 exam is currently available in three languages: English, German and Japanese.

The second CTT+ certification exam contains two designations, and the candidates must attempt at least one out of these two:

  • CompTIA CTT+ Classroom Trainer – TK0-202
  • CompTIA CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer – TK0-203

The passing score for both the Classroom Trainer and Virtual Classroom Trainer exams is 36 on a scale of 48 points. These exams are available in English, German, Japanese, Dutch and Spanish language versions.

The main requirement for the TK-202 and the TK0-203 is to submit a video recording of 20 minutes displaying the candidate as an instructor in a physical class environment, providing instructions to a class of at least 5 students.

The training video submitted for the TK0-202 exam must portray the original environment and learning settings of the classroom. Editing is not allowed in the video except for one stop.

The video must be a minimum of 17 to 18 minutes in length and the maximum video length cannot exceed 22 minutes.

The candidate should incorporate all competencies as defined by the IBSTPI during the demonstration of 20 minutes, for the video to be successful for the exam.