Network Tools

Network Tools

Domain Dossier

A dossier is a specific collection of documents, and a domain dossier is a tool used to investigate domains and IP address. It gathers registrant information, DNS records and other things, compiling it all into one report.

Domain Check

A domain or domain name is a unique identifier that tells users what a specific internet source is. It is essentially a string of information that identifies a particular realm of authority. A domain check will search for existing domain names so that a user will be able to either register their own domain name, or find a particular domain name.

Email Dossier

As already mentioned, a dossier is a specific collection of documents and an email dossier is a specific type of dossier designed to locate and define already existing email addresses. The email dossier can also troubleshoot or validate an email address.

Browser Mirror

Like the name would suggest, a browser mirror is designed to reflect to the user what is occurring when they search the internet. Browsers can provide information to websites or other users when you visit websites, and the Browser mirror allows you to see exactly what information is being shared.


Pinging a host or server is done to test a number of things like signal strength, distance, and availability of a particular connection. As a tool, the ping feature would enable a user to easily discover this information without having to use the command terminal of a computer.


This tool allows a user to easily trace the network route path from one server to another server. This can be useful for troubleshooting, as the tool allows a user to see how many delays or other problems are occurring along the path of communication between the two servers.


This tool is an abbreviated form of “name server lookup”, and is useful for finding information about internet servers and domains. A user might need a tool such as this if they were querying the domain name system to either obtain the domain name or IP address mapping. Though these are two specific reasons, the tool can be used to query virtually any type of specific DNS record.


The Whois protocol was originally created to locate specific humans, but it can now be used to locate a variety of things in an online database. Example look ups could be a domain name, an IP address block, or an autonomous system, and the protocol retains and displays the information in easy to read format. The AutoWhois tool gets Whois records automatically for a variety of domains across the globe.


Tcp is another protocol, designed for the internet to gather data between two networks. There are a variety of features in place to insure data is not lost during the transmission process. The TcpQuery tool allows user to pull a web page and look up the domain, among other things.

Analyze Path

As the name suggests, this particular tool allows a user to graphically see and analyze a chain of consecutive events (the path) that the user previously took. In essence, it’s a simpler and graphical version of the traceroute.

DNS Lookup


Whois Lookup


Port Check


Reverse Lookup


Bandwidth Meter


Country IP Address


Online Service Unit Converter