Solarwinds Network Tools

Solarwinds Network Tools

Solarwinds is an information technologies (IT) company that offers a multitude of network management tools and software. Their main consumers are network engineers who need help troubleshooting or maintaining their current network. Their products are utilized through four main services: monitoring of network performance, optimization of applications and systems, acceleration database performance, and insurance of security and compliance. If an individual or company is having network performance issues, the Solarwinds software can monitor and manage a network by displaying faults, performance issues, availability problems, traffic concerns and configurations issues.

When an individual’s or company’s network is gummed up by unknown issues, their optimization software provides instant access to see the system and the problems that could be slowing them down. In cases where engineers or companies have an SQL server, Oracle, Sybase, or DB2, the database performance software will find, analyze and resolve any minor or major issues found. One of the most important factors an IT department or engineer has to deal with is relating to security. The Security and Compliance software enables automatic round-the-clock security monitoring; moreover, it also provides responses to eliminate or stop threats to allow the systems to continue running properly.

Server & Application Monitor: As the name suggests, Server and Application Monitoring is a software program Solarwinds provides that streamlines the monitoring process. This particular program comes with customizable alerts, reports and dashboards so that engineers can determine which issues require their attention. It also comes with comparison features that allow engineers to use baselines for application performance. The application monitoring comes complete for all components that a user would need (servers, virtual layer and the various applications). The software also has a feature that allows collaboration across servers, the web, databases, and application teams.

Network Performance Monitor v11: This upgrade to the previous network performance monitor software comes with a built-in deep packet inspection for the convenience of the engineers, and this upgrade analyzes user quality of experience. The software also helps to speed up troubleshooting, increase service levels, and reduce system downtime. The displays, response time, availability, and performance of network devices are also monitored through the software. The program also works to improve operational efficiency, and it even automatically discovers network devices without too much additional configuration or setup.

Log & Event Manager: The Log and Event Manager program is mainly for security, but is specifically designed to assist the IT professional that doesn’t have a plethora of additional resources at his or her fingertips.  The software enables an increase in security that comes with automated security monitoring and real-time analysis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The embedded file integrity monitoring and active response allows users to enjoy broader compliance support, stronger security intelligence, and a quicker response time. If the user of the software isn’t as experienced with IT security, this software also has a number of expert-inspired templates to assist with security and threats.