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Cisco Packet Tracer – Free Download Cisco Packet Tracer

When it comes to the preparation of CCNA, CCNP and other networking examinations, it is important to try and test different switches, routers and other networking devices in a physical environment, which is very costly to set up for students. An alternative is graphical network simulation software like an industry-leading Cisco Packet Tracer, provided by Cisco Networking Academy.

Cisco Packet Tracer is an excellent and one of the most used graphical network simulation software that helps and boosts students’ practical knowledge by trying and testing different networking equipment in a virtual environment. This is a dedicated tutorial for downloading installing and using Cisco Packet Tracer.

  1. Download Cisco Packet Tracer. You would see a Download icon on the left side. Click it to download the program.
  2. Certiology-cisco-Packet-TracerOnce downloaded, open up the ZIP file and Extract all components in a different folder. Make sure to extract all files in order to the subnet mask calculator to work properly. Now open up the folder and execute the installation wizard. Click Next to install.
  3. Cisco-Packet-TracerWhen you run it for the first time, you would see a Windows Security Alert dialog box where you need to give access by Windows Firewall to this program. Click Allow access to allow the access to this program.
  4. windows-Security-AlertNow the program has a lot of options to try and test virtual networks as if they were real networks. To see some of the saved templates already, click File then click Open Samples.
  5. Cisco-Open-SamplesYou can select from multiple options. In this case, we have selected RouterWireless and wep_test
  6. Choose-A-file-To-OPenNow you can see the template already made by the experts during the installation process. There are several options on the right side to add in notes. Moreover, at the bottom you would see the option of adding different routers and switches to test your network in a virtual environment.
  7. Alternatively you can also test the existing saved wep_test and many other practice guides made specifically for the preparation of networking exams.
  8. Cisco-Packet-Logical-Now you may use the program and enjoy building your own virtual network.

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