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1. Which of the following domain model is used in small networks?





2. Private internet exchange is included in





3. Which of the following are susceptible to unsecured intruders using a number of different methods?





4. Which of the below packets are denied unless specifically permitted?





5. How a device communicates with CA is explained by





6. Which command is used for defining the RADIUS server host’s IP address?





7. Which of the types of protocols are supported by Multiprotocol support?





8. Which of the below command is defined as CPU intensive?





9. Which of the following are the methods used to have an access to the network data?





10. Which of the below functions are provided by NetBIOS?





11. A scalable and comprehensive security management system is provided by





12. How many components are included in NetRanger?





13. Which of the following can support an unlimited number of network access servers?





14. Which of the following commands provides a method to define static routing entries?





15. CEP is the protocol developed by





16. Packet snooping is also known as





17. Which of the following stores the current configuration file?





18. Which of the below protocol type is used in the Simple Network Management Protocol?





19. Which of the following allows a greater number of devices to connect to the Internet and intranets?





20. The data link layer is subdivided into how many layers?