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CCIE Security jobs in UK

Cisco’s CCIE Security certification is basically a course which enables the experts and engineers to perform different operations of troubleshooting on converged networking infrastructures. This certification course is totally based on networking technologies of routing, switching and troubleshooting.

Like a number of Cisco certifications available, CCIE Security is in big demand in the field of information technology and it is a fact that this certification is increasing authenticity of different networking skills. The certified engineers are capable enough to get higher ranked jobs pertaining to the field of information technology. Experts and engineers certified with CCIE Security enjoy success in the leading areas of information technology today and these areas include routing, LAN, WAN and troubleshooting of infrastructures.

The candidates who have passed this certification are getting jobs in the UK in fields related to information technology. The engineers certified with CCIE Security certification can well perform as:-

  • A Cisco networking expert
  • An engineer for Cisco Senior networking systems
  • As IT manager and expert
  • An administrator in networking systems
  • An analyst and as a system design engineer
  • Network support professionals
  • An analyst for network infrastructure design
  • Networking professional in designs
  • Security engineers and security specialists
  • Security voice manager and voice engineer

These are the job designations that are available in different places of the United Kingdom for experts having CCIE Security certification.

According to different research surveys it has been seen that the demand for CCIE Security engineers is on the rise. Based on their experience and working skills, CCIE Security certified engineers are getting high ranked and highly paid jobs as compared to those who are do not hold this credential. The average range of salary for CCIE Security experts in UK range from £50,000 – £70,000 a year.

 Listed below are latest CCIE Security Jobs in United Kingdom

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