CCIE Security jobs in Australia

Cisco is the world’s renowned IT giant providing the best certification programs for experts and engineers. Likewise, different certification courses, Cisco have developed CCIE Security certification for experts who want to evaluate their skills in fields related to troubleshooting and also related to the converged methodologies used within the infrastructure of networking technologies.

CCIE Security certification has increased the authenticity of professional’s skills in the field of information technology. The demand of CCIE Security certified experts is high. Once you are certified with CCIE Security certification, highly paid jobs would be available in Australia for you. Mostly, the engineers certified with this course are getting jobs in areas like switching, routing and troubleshooting.

Job designations:

Engineers and experts certified with CCIE Security are getting jobs in Australia in various networking fields. The common job designations available in Australia for CCIE certified engineers are as under.

  • Expert of CCIE networking systems
  • CCIE senior networking engineer
  • Manager in information technology fields
  • An analyst in system designing
  • Professional for network support systems
  • Design analyst for networking infrastructures
  • Voice technology engineer
  • Security engineer
  • Security specialist
  • Security support analyst
  • Security designing specialists

These are the job places that are available in Australia in form of CCIE Security jobs in Australia. These CCIE Security jobs in Australia are highly paid too.

The reports and surveys have commented that the certified CCIE Security engineers gain high salary packages. It is a fact that certified engineers are getting reasonable salaries as compared to those engineers who don’t have CCIE Security certification in their hands. The salary range for CCIE Security jobs in Australia is about is $86,000 per year. It changes according to the expertise and experiences an engineer has.

Listed below are latest CCIE Security Jobs in Australia

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