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20 Free  CCIE Security Practice Test and Exam Questions

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1. the information processed at the Data link layer is termed as





2. Which of the following makes use of CSMA/CD for the transmission of frames on the wires?





3. Which of the below is configured on the end systems that allow communication between hosts?





4. Which of the following best handles the Data and code formatting?





5. Which layer describes the bit ordering standards, connector types and the bit transmission rates?





6. The path to a destination is best determined by





7. Which of the following port is not active and does not participate in spanning tree?





8. Which of the following is used in the environments where the bandwidth is not an issue?





9. Which of the following is classified as an applictaion based solution?





10. What is the default port number used by udp-port?





11. What is the device called that collects the information from remote devices?





12. Which type of Cisco hardware stores the copy of the router’s configuration file?





13. Which of the following tells the router to load configuration from NVRAM?





14. Which of the following are the modes of Cisco router?





15. Which of the following is the client based system?





16. ASCII login is similar to





17. Which type of attack is prevented by IKE when messages are constructed with unique cookies that can identify and reject invalid messages?





18. Which of the following commands provides a method to define static routing entries?





19. Firewalls are accomplished through





20. Which of the following models are supported by Cisco?